Darwin City Gate: A ground-breaking mixed use development in Darwin City

Four Capital Architecture areas in Focus!

Seniors Lifestyle & Care Estates

1The focus of Capital Architecture's attention is on providing you with market sensitive, leading edge lifestyle seniors living property solutions. Capital Architecture matches built form design outcomes with your management style, underpinning long term operating savings and efficiencies.

Aged Care Architecture

2Capital Architecture personalises your living experience enveloping your style into your living house.Our awarded classic and contemporary designs have continued to appreciate in value and are sought after by discerning purchasers. Beyond your personal financial concerns we integrate the esoteric and sensuous harmonising with your built living spaces.

Residential Architecture


3Capital Architecture's design aims are flexibility, the stimulation of children's learning, as well as facilitating community functions and meetings. It endeavours to compliment current buildings, while adding fresh design elements, which include the provision of new classrooms and learning areas, resource centres, multipurpose learning areas, administration buildings and improved pedestrian access. Designing for educational facilities is achieved with a careful balance between the needs of all stakeholders and the exploration of options.

Educational Architecture

4 Awarded – World, National and State recognition has been achieved on the Tourism and Travel Accommodation Estates by Capital Architecture

Hospitality Architecture